Content Marketing & Copywriting

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“If you build it, they will come” wasn’t true in baseball (maybe because Kevin Costner never hired a PR firm), and it’s certainly not true of your Web presence. Like social media marketing, copywriting is one of the most cost-effective solutions for driving traffic to your website and your business. Even if you’ve built the slickest website or developed an app to end all other apps and pushed it out on the app store, you will be lost in a sea of competing brands and products unless you work steadily to increase your credibility, drive your search rankings, and paint a compelling reason for your market to choose your brand over all others. An effective copywriting strategy should:

  • Strategically work with keyword-dense copy that will help you (without the cost of an AdWords campaign) appear prominently in search rankings over time.
  • Target your long tail keywords. By analyzing how your customers are finding you, a good copywriter can craft site content and blog posts that will help you maximize those long tail keywords and drive increased traffic to your site.
  • Work to enhance your Web presence as a must-see destination for your target demographic, rather than as a self-promotional tool cranking out advertorial copy. Selling coffee? You should be writing about the ins and outs of coffee – both for the industry and the consumers. Selling skincare? Talk about botanicals and new and relevant reports published on the subject. A magazine-style blog with useful content will drive more traffic than a self-promotional one.
  • Establish your company as an industry leader. Whether you’re a small business that’s looking to become “the” local hangout (by posting interesting content about the area, sharing a local calendar of events, or writing about local news) or a major corporation looking to become a leader in sales for a particular category (by posting about industry-specific news and thought pieces), copywriting will tell your potential customer why you know the industry.