Media Relations

media relations“Advertising is telling people you’re good. Public relations is getting someone else to say it.”

Media relations is the cornerstone of any successful public relations campaign, and can be one of the most frustrating and complicated. For small businesses or local venues, getting the attraction of the features, dining, or nightlife reporter to come explore their value and superior brand is essential to raising awareness with potential customers. For major corporations, competing for the mindshare of a national beauty writer or critic – who is likely being inundated with dozens of similar pitches on a daily basis – is a top priority.

We specialize in translating your story into a concise and compelling piece that will stand out from the crowd, and we will work with your team on crafting regular press updates so that you remain top of mind with reporters – whether they’re working on stand along features or “best of” roundups. Any good media relations campaign should:

  • Identify and develop a key list of reporters that might be interested in your story – both in the consumer print, digital and broadcast space and in the trade space
  • Work with your team to translate your story into compelling pitches and press releases that will gain the attention of those key reporters from appropriate angles
  • Work to draw increased consumer awareness and traffic, as well as targeting trade publications that will drive business development opportunities and key partnerships
  • Maintain a steady stream of stories, from news announcements from the company to seasonal pitches and evergreen pieces
  • Develop bylined articles that can be published online, establishing your credibility as an expert in your particular field.